Red5 Recorder

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Red5 Recorder
allows wordpress users to easily use Red5 Recorder Player on their website to record Video / Audio Streams.
Users can record their video response / review using embedable red5 recorder and after recording they can send video email to wordpress admin. Both user and admin will get email from Red5 Recorder system to get Red5 Recorded Video Streams.

Linux dedicated server: We need to install RED5 Server + Java + Flex Red5 Recoder Player on your server. We can advise you for dedicated server solutions.. if you don't have any server.
Please check Demo for Red5 Recoder Player here

A Red5 Recorder Player can be embedded in a Wordpress Page / Post using a shortcode of the following form: [red5recorder:key]

Red5 Recorder

Start Screen that will show Web Cam Stream on Red5 Recorder. Red5 Recorder Player

End Screen that will show Try Again & Submit Button to get recorded Stream in FLV Format.

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Terms and Condition for Red5 Recorder

1. Red5 Recorder Setting

2. Red5 Recording

3. Red5 Recording Submit

4. Red5 Recording Sent

5. Video Response Email

6. Red5 Recording Watch

Red5 Cam Recorder
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